Recover table to new name from RMAN backup in Oracle 12c

Oracle has introduced a new feature from Version 12c which will enable us to recover tables from RMAN backups using RECOVER TABLE command. In this article I will demonstrate how to recover a table with new name to a specified point in time using RMAN.

Refer the below link to get detailed steps on Recover table from RMAN backup on Oracle 12

Recover the table with different name

Connect to RMAN and run the RECOVER TABLE command with remap table,

rman target /

recover table faheem.tab1 until scn 1699874 
auxiliary destination '/home/oracle/backup'
remap table 'FAHEEM'.'TAB1':'TAB1_09102020';

Click here to see the log for the above command.

Verify the recovered table

conn faheem/faheem
SQL> select * from tab;

TNAME                     TABTYPE  CLUSTERID
------------------------- ------- ----------
TAB1                      TABLE
TAB1_09102020             TABLE

Hope this helps…