Drop a container database in silent mode

Drop cdb in silent mode

In my previous post I have described how to create create container database using dbca in graphical mode and silent mode, Refer the below URLs,

Create Container Database (CDB) in Oracle 12c using DBCA
Create Container database (CDB) in silent mode

In this post I will describe how to drop a container database using DBCA in silent mode.

Drop the database using dbca:
Note: Please note that the below command will drop the container database (CDB) as well as all PDBs belongs that particular CDB.

[oracle@cdb12c /]$ which dbca

dbca -silent -deleteDatabase -sourceDB cdbdev


[oracle@cdb12c /]$ which dbca

[oracle@cdb12c pdb1]$ dbca -silent -deleteDatabase -sourceDB cdbdev
Enter SYS user password:

Connecting to database
4% complete
9% complete
14% complete
19% complete
23% complete
28% complete
47% complete
Updating network configuration files
48% complete
52% complete
Deleting instance and datafiles
76% complete
100% complete
Look at the log file "/u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbca/orcl.log" for further details.
[oracle@cdb12c pdb1]$

Hope this helps..